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Krypton Anonymous is the most private web browser *. It comes bundled with Tor, mitigates common fingerprinting techniques, and uses HTTPS Everywhere. Krypton Anonymous never saves data about you or your browsing habits. It’s a locked-down experience for when you want to be sure of your privacy.

– Private: History, cookies and site data are never stored on disk, and never transmitted.
– Secure: Each tab is isolated in a separate OS process. Every tab is treated as a distinct instance, with its own memory storage and state.
– Anonymous: Enable Tor with a single tap to hide your IP, avoid surveillance, and circumvent censorship. Includes HTTPS Everywhere, and mitigates common fingerprinting techniques.
– Beautifully simple: Built with love and careful design. Every detail has been thoughtfully considered.
– Open source: We’ve open sourced our core library so everyone can critique and build on our work.

Krypton Anonymous is for those moments you want to be completely anonymous online. If you’re looking for a private, secure, but more lightweight browser, try out the sister app, Krypton Browser.

*Krypton Anonymous is beta software! We fully expect that there are improvements to be made, and will be continually improving the app experience, especially with your help.


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